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Handheld Rechargeable Bluetooth V2.0 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard with TrackPad and Red Laser

1 599 грн.
Артикул:  58147
Вес продукта: 103 g
Размер: 15.2 x 5.9 x 1.3
Цвет: red

 Here is a great addition to your computer or mobile device. A compact but fully functional keyboard with trackpad mouse control, this also has a built in red laser perfect for presentations. This Bluetooth V2.0 is fast and reliable and features easy connectivity. Although it is small in size, this keyboard is surprisingly practical and typing is easy and smooth. Chances are you have one or more mobile device or tablet that can benefit from this handy little unit.

Dimensions: 5.98 in x 2.32 in x 0.51 in (15.2 cm x 5.9 cm x 1.3 cm)
Weight: 3.63 oz (103 g)

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