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4000mAh Rechargeable External Battery Pack for Nintendo 3DS

749 грн.
Артикул:  80871
Вес продукта: 170 g
Размер: 13.5 x 7.5 x 1.3
Цвет: black

Attention all game Nintendo 3DS addicts, don’t let your battery die. If it does you could lose that saved game and current progress. When playing for hours you can accomplish a lot but when that battery dies midst battle you will lose it all and have to do it all over again.
This is a great way to add a protective case to your 3DS and an extra battery for emergency playing while on long trips. This stylish case reduces damage from shocks and drops. It will reduce the amount of scratches daily use gives that nice finish on the housing. Not to mention the very important added battery life; an additional 4000mAh.
Now you can play hours longer and keep your Nintendo 3DS safe. What more could you ask for. No more loss of game achievements due to dead batteries and extra protection are one way to bring a smile to yours or anyone else’s face. Get it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Dimensions: 5.31 in x 2.95 in x 0.51 in (13.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 1.3 cm)
Weight: 6.00 oz (170 g)

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