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3.0" LCD Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine - Black (AC 100~240V)

3 894 грн.
Артикул:  65794
Вес продукта: 536 g
Размер: 18.9 x 13.2 x 5.1
Цвет: black

Keeping track of all your employees punch times can be hard. Using punch cards is easily faked, as workers can punch each other in and out. People can forget their cards, causing problems for accuracy. Fingerprints are the newest innovation in time clock technology.
Now you can keep track of the accumulated hours of each of your workers. No punch cards needed, no codes need to be entered. Just put your finger on the scanner and it accurately reads your fingerprint, punching you in, and then out at the end of the shift.
This awesome machine takes less then a second to accurately read your fingerprint and identify it. This machine has a 32 bit processor and an optical scanner with a special film, which can identify wet and dry fingers. It is suitable for any enterprise with up 100 staff members. This device can store up 1000 fingerprints and 30,000 transactions. The info is simply downloaded via the USB cable provided.
Included in the package is everything you need to get started, even the mounting brackets and multiple power plug adapters.

Dimensions: 7.44 in x 5.20 in x 2.01 in (18.9 cm x 13.2 cm x 5.1 cm)
Weight: 18.91 oz (536 g)

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